Using the Website

First, Register your user name and password.

You will receive an email with a link to confirm.

Once you have done that, complete your registration and add your dogs.

Then, select ‘Available shows’ and enter whichever of the shows you want.

Once you have completed your entries, go to the ‘My Account’ page to see how much you need to pay. You don't have to pay immediately, but do need to pay before the closing date, otherwise your entries may not be accepted.

To make a payment, go to the FAQ page under the ‘Home’ menu option to find the bank sort code / account number / your unique reference. Your ‘My Account’ page will be updated with payments received as soon as we are able to verify funds.

You can do each of these steps individually, even in different days, if you want; or one after the other.

Please be patient with the registration process, as it does seem to be a bit slow, but you only do this once!

Any problems, please email with as much info as possible